Press Release

"In this current body of work I am looking at the relationships between colors as they perform in sequences. To create my geometric wood assemblages, I go through a laborious process of painting sheets of plywood, cutting it into precise strips, tinting select strips with a colored pencil, then cutting the strips into smaller pieces still. These pieces become the components I use to build a painting, arranging them in systematic grids and patterns. The process of arranging modular color into rhythmic patterns enables me to deepen my understanding of subtle color relationships, and the satisfaction of creating harmonic compositions. As a visual thinker, this process is my way of organizing and responding to the complexities of perception and emotion. 

I find inspiration in my immediate surroundings, looking towards the colors of the sky during inclement weather, or architectural shapes in familiar buildings. I distill this visual information gleaned from my nearby world into abstract forms, re-presenting the familiar through the personal lens of my process.” - Will Sears

Will Sears received his BFA from Syracuse University. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, including at Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA; Soft Times Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Lot F Gallery, Boston, MA; Tiger Strikes Astroid, New York, NY; Common Street Arts, Lewiston, ME; Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME; and Grant Wahlquist Gallery, Alice Gauvin Gallery, and Able Baker Contemporary, and New Systems Exhibitions in Portland, ME. He has been an artist-in-residence at the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, Rockland, ME; Hewnoaks, Lovell, ME, and received a fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center. His practice extends to public art, including large-scale murals in Portland, ME. He lives and works in South Portland, ME. 

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