The Letter A, By Alexandra Tyng - Publications - Dowling Walsh

Lou Kahn was not the kind of father I could rely on to be there when I needed him, but we could still connect through art and ideas.

One of my clearest early childhood memories is of my father and me drawing side by side with oil pastels at the dining room table. He asked me what I wanted to draw and I said, “A castle!” and we both drew a castle. As our drawings developed, we talked about whether our castles should have one or more towers, or a drawbridge and a moat with water. Periodically I would look over to watch him and learn how he made things look three-dimensional. Two feelings stand out. One is our mutual delight in sharing an activity we both loved. The other is my trust in our family unit that came from sharing meals and often falling asleep knowing my mother and father were both there.

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