Richard Vickerson


Richard Vickerson is a native of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. After receiving a science degree from the University of Prince Edward Island, he attended Dalhousie University, graduating from The School of Dentistry in 1978. He practiced with the Provincial Children’s Dental Program until 2001 when he retired. He began painting in oils, but after being introduced to watercolor in 1983, watercolor became his principal medium. He has attended workshops with Don Pentz, Alice Reed and Barry Leeves, but is primarily self-taught.

Artist Statement

“The rural landscape of the Atlantic Provinces with its rich heritage and natural beauty has been my primary source for subject matter. The ever-present ocean has been an important element in my work. The relationship between land and sea and between human endeavour and relentless natural forces are subjects often dealt with in my art.

A rich legacy has been left to us by our forefathers. Their hard work and resourcefulness has given us material wealth which they themselves never enjoyed. They have left us a cultural legacy of architecture and sailing vessels – their beauty of proportion and detail demonstrate an aesthetic understanding and love of craftsmanship sometimes lost in today’s world. Many of the buildings depicted in my work were landmarks in our landscape but have now vanished. For me this has come to symbolize the loss of connection with previous generations to whom we owe a great debt.

While I am an admirer of a wide range of representational art, the traditional approach taken by such artists as Edward Hopper, the Wyeths and Tom Forrestall is closer to my own approach. It seems to me a more empathetic way to depict a landscape, which, while at times beautiful, can be unforgiving.”