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A Year on Barter’s Point Road

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Greta Van Campen is a painter from Thomaston, Maine known for her contemporary hard-edged style. She comes from a family of artists and grew up painting beside her mother. Greta continued her studies in visual art at Bowdoin College and now lives in Tenants Harbor, Maine.

A Year on Barters Point Road 2016

Greta Van Campen’s show is a study of the dynamic passage of time from her studio on Barters Point Road in Tenants Harbor. Her view looks onto Long Cove and Two Bush Channel towards Matinicus; the islands High, Northern and Southern in her immediate sights. She is inspired by the constant changes on the ocean front, from winter to summer and morning to night. This series includes a painting from each month of the year, as well as a set of small paintings capturing each hour within a 24 hour day.

Greta Van Campen Home 2014

After several years of painting sights across the nation, Greta’s May show focuses on home. Greta’s intimate and familiar scenes of Maine feel fresh and striking with her bold and original style. She has captured the rhythm of Maine’s coast, the reflections, the islands, and the clouds.

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Greta Paints America 2013

Spanning two years and 50 states, Greta Van Campen takes us through a series of landscapes from our nation. Greta explores contemporary America through her hard edge style, finding inspiration in quiet street corners, houses, buildings, telephone lines and night-scapes. Greta’s painting distills her subjects into color, shape and line. Her close examination and bold technique enliven ordinary scenes and invite the viewer’s focus.

Greta has her home and studio in Maine, where she uses photographs and sketches from her trip to complete each painting. Seen as a whole in the 2012 exhibition, Greta’s landscapes capture the essence of America.


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