David Graeme Baker




“The landscape of Maine and depictions of my family and friends within its embrace are the catalysts for my paintings. Realism anchors my work, though I purposefully conflate reality and fiction to imbue the images with enigmatic, yet evocative dreamlike meaning.” 

David Graeme Baker is a painter who lives with his wife and two sons in Hancock, Maine. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. David’s contemporary domestic genre scenes are imbued with mystery and tension creating enigmatic narratives that explore our relationships with ourselves and one another. The slower pace and domestic surroundings created by his young family have influenced his work.


David Graeme Baker’s painting, Vacationland, appears on the cover of Cornell University’s literary magazine, EPOCH, in the November 2013 issue: http://english.arts.cornell.edu/publications/epoch/current-issue.html.

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