Anna B. McCoy

UPCOMING SHOW: Tronies and Still Life Paintings, JULY 5-26, 2014

The word Tronies comes from the Dutch, meaning head, face or expression. Tronies became an important part of 16th and 17th century Dutch painting, made popular by Rembrandt. They were painted from life, typically of the head or bust only, usually in front of neutral backgrounds. Unlike formal portraits, they serve no representative function, and are meant as studies of expression or interesting character. Tronies, usually small in scale and seen as examples of an artist’s signature, were coveted by collectors.


Ann Brelsford McCoy is the eldest daughter of John W. McCoy and Ann Wyeth McCoy, daughter of illustrator N.C. Wyeth. She studied painting and drawing in Bennett College in Millbrook, New York, as well as with her aunt, Carolyn Wyeth, and Charles Vinson among others.

Anna B., as she is affectionately called in the family, has developed unique styles in watercolor and oil. She is especially noted for her portraits and landscapes and exhibits in galleries in the Brandywine area and Rockland, Maine.