Jonathan Laurence is at the forefront of digital image creation and manipulation. He has been self chronicling for two decades, long before the practice was ubiquitous. His new ritual of early morning trail runs focuses his images on Maine’s landscape, weather patterns, ecology, and trails.

Experimenting with various computer Apps and manual collaging, Jon manipulates the images with glitches. He uses alternate wood and aluminum printing surfaces, which add a natural dimension and confer their own structure to the finished artworks.

This new series parallels nature’s impact on his own psyche and represents memory more accurately than a straight image. Sometimes a fault or kink in the system, a glitch or disruption in nature, can make an image feel more true to our own life experience.

“Glitch is a computer term, but the same thing can happen in nature” he says, “Sometimes things are destroyed, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. I started embracing that idea, allowing things to disrupt what I’d been making … sometimes even closer to how I really felt.”

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