Linden Frederick grew up in Upstate New York and studied art at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and the Academia de Belle Arte, Florence, Italy. Frederick has been living and working in Belfast, Maine since 1989.

Linden Frederick’s work has been included in exhibitions at the Farnsworth, Ogunquit and Portland museums of art in Maine and in gallery exhibitions in Maine, New York, Texas, New Mexico, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Linden Frederick is known for his dimly lit rural landscapes that hang on the balance of day and night. The strange colors and angles of light in those magical hours infuse ordinary scenes with tension and dramatic energy.


“What drives me is having a certain mood and that implies a human element, which a lot of landscape painting forgets,” Frederick said. “My work is not about place. It really is about people. I think inadvertently I’m setting some kind of stage so the drama can play out within the viewer. And that’s why people react.”